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     Elusive People

    Sophia Dupuis and Phillip Facette

    I am stuck on finding who the parents of Sophie Dupuis are. My family stories say that Sophie was Aboriginal. My Aunt Sis, Viola Martin, says that Sophie was a little orphaned native girl about 4 or 5 year old when she was found on the Facette farm. The family adopted her and she later married one of the sons. I found Sophie living with the Facettes on the 1851 Saint Louis de Gonzaque census as Sophie Facet (13 ans). This small fact gives some credence to Viola?s story. In the face of racism and descrimination, my grandparents family denied their Aboriginal heritage. The world is a different place, I am am proud to have Sophie's Aboriginal background in my ancestral tree. I would like to honour Sophie's background in any small way that I can.

    Manon, the Quebec genealogist who helped me tremendously believes Sophie to be Illegitime Sophie (in margin of the index, not even under letter i) and also sorted out under letter S. born and baptized on July 18th, 1836, from unknown parents of St-Joachim de Chateauguay parish. Sponsors: Charles Menard and Claire Duranceau. Do you have any information that could help me?

    I still have not found the marriage record for Sophie Dupuis and Phillip Facette. Nor do I have any pictures of them. I would be very grateful if you would share a picture with me.

    If you have any information about Sophie or Philip I would love to hear from you. Please email me at kristafp at if you can help.

    Tell us what you know     |     More information: Sophia Dupuis
    Ernest Saphus Nelson

    I am looking for information about Ernest Nelson. He is Danish, born in the USA in 1886. I am on the hunt for any documents or event information.

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