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    BIOGRAPHY: It is thought that Betsy was born in Scotland and emigrated with her parents. 
    McCormick, Elizabeth (I68)
    2 son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Webb) Doddridge, who were natives of Devon, England.
    Thomas was an Officer in the British Military, serving in South Africa before his transfer to Lower Canada. Three of John's siblings were born in South Africa but there was no record for John so he may have been born in England or on board the ship bringing the family to Quebec City in 1803 or 1804. John was working in Carleton as a ship carpenter by 1826 and, a few years after his marriage to Jane, they settled in New Richmond on part of the original Robertson land grant given to them by Jane's father, Hugh Robertson. John continued to work as a ship carpenter but also farmed and in later years became a Justice of the Peace. It was in honour of his ten daughters that John named his first vessel "The Ten Sisters". This vessel was wrecked during a storm off Prince Edward Island, with no loss of life, while John's eldest son Hugh was captain of the vessel. All the children were baptized in the Anglican Church, New Carlisle, Qc. John and Jane are buried in St. Andrew's United Church Cemetery, New Richmond, Qc., along with all their family with the exception of Isabella. - from Peggy Willet and from Vic Hodowanski's Families of the Cascapedia By 
    Doddridge, John Shipbuilder (I63)
    3 "1783: William Atkinson of Nova Scotia buys Lot #15, above Pointe Cavagnol, from the heirs of Jean-Baptiste Séguin, for his daughter Elizabeth, who is married to John Mark Crank. The Cranks settle on the land in 1789. (Note: At the moment, we do not know precisely who this Jean-Baptiste Séguin was, for there were at least two and perhaps three Jean-Baptistes at the time. However, we can say that he was not the Jean-Baptiste Séguin who married Catherine Raizenne in 1742, since this Jean-Baptiste is said to have died in July 1786 while working on his farm. The likelihood is that we are speaking here of Jean-Baptiste (Jeannot), son of Jean-Baptiste and Geneviève Barbeau, who died in July of 1786, and who is the ancestor of the Séguin's of Rigaud and Ripon, Québec.)"
    A History Timeline
    (with particular emphasis upon the Vaudreuil, Hudson, Ste-Marthe
    and Ste-Madeleine de Rigaud areas) 
    Family F1128
    4 "Another little story I heard last week had to do with Adwina - Richard was a Guardian on the Little Cascapedia River and responsible for keeping poachers away, some of them being her sons by all reports. One day, when Adwina served salmon, he asked where it had come from, to which she replied "It says in the Bible to eat what is put before you and ask no questions, for conscience sake." End of questions!!" from Peggy Willmett - March 2004
    Doddridge, Edwina (I17)
    5 "Charles Lallemant (or Lalemant), (November 17, 1587 ? November 18, 1674) was a French Jesuit. He was born in Paris in 1587 and later became the first Superior of the Jesuit Missions amongst the Huron in Canada. His letter to his brother, dated 1 August 1626, inaugurated the series Relations des Jésuites de la Nouvelle-France about the missionary work in that country."
    "Lalement was made responsible for setting up a mission of the Society of Jesus in New France, and in April 1625 he left Dieppe with Fathers Énemond Massé and Jean de Brébeuf, accompanied by two lay brothers. He arrived in Quebec City in June."
    "Lallemant had two close relatives in the Jesuit missions: Jérôme Lalemant, his brother, and Gabriel Lalemant, a nephew, who was murdered by the Iroquois and is honored as a saint by the Catholic Church." 
    Lallemant, Father Charles Jesuit Huron Missionary (I4864)
    6 "Gilles Lauzon was a French was a talented French coppersmith and a member of "Le Grande Recrue", a group of roughly 100 Frenchman recruited to populate the colony of New France.
    Le Grande Recrue originally left on the ship Saint-Nicolas de Nantes, under the command of Captain Pierre Lebesson. After 350 leagues at sea, it was necessary to turn back. Water seeped into the hold and threatened to spoil all the provisions. Paul de Chomedey (Maisonneuve) placed the passengers on an island before docking at Saint Nazaire. They then had to find another ship, transport the baggage and replacement supplies, and feed all the passengers while waiting. This was at the expense of the Compagnie de Montreal. The replacement ship Sainte-Marguerite set sail on 20 July 1653, and arrived in Quebec on 22 September 1653. There was much illness aboard ship, claiming the lives of eight passengers at sea." 
    Lauzon, Gilles (I4498)
    7 "Nellie was the daughter of Sydney and Isabella (Scott) McLellan of Black Cape. She died tragically at the railroad crossing on McCormick's Alley in Chaleurs, when the car in which she was a passenger was struck by the train. Mr. George McWhirter had gone to Black Cape to bring she and the three children home but the car was struck on the crossing on the return trip. The occupants were thrown out of the car and Nellie was fatally injured. Betty, the baby, was only 4 months old at the time of the accident and they found her unharmed in the “cow catcher” on the front of the train. Raymond also died quite young and the children were brought up by their McLellan grandparents." - email from Peggy Willett McLellan, Mary Ellen (Nellie) (I1425)
    8 "Of this union there were Susan, Jennie, Dick, Hope, Campbell, Alvin, Oliver (the Herbert Oliver in your picture), May, Louisa & Lorne (11 in all)." - from Peggy Willett May 12, 2008 Family F323
    9 "Their nine children born after 1750 were baptized at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. Of their 14 children, at least half died before the age of three and two others in their teens. Three of their infant children died in one week in August 1751, likely from diphtheria which spread through New France that year." 
    Family F583
    10 "Upon arriving in Quebec, he was almost immediately sent to the Huron mission where he worked under the instruction of Fathers Jean de Brébeuf and Jérôme Lalemant for eight years. In 1645 he became superior of the Huron mission. During his time as superior, a number of his missionaries met their deaths, the first being Jean de Lalande in October 1646. They became known as the Canadian Martyrs. He remained at his post on St. Mary's on the Wye until 1649, when persuaded by the Huron leaders to join the fugitives on St. Joseph's island (1649).

    After a bloody defeat, followed by the massacres of Fathers Noël Chabanel and Charles Garnier, Ragueneau, yielding to the entreaties of the few whom famine, pestilence, and the fury of the Iroquois had spared, led the small band of 400 survivors, the remnants of a nation of ten thousand, to their final refuge, Quebec, after a long and perilous journey. Ragueneau wrote the "Relations of the Hurons" of 1648-9, 1649?50, 1650-1, and 1651-2 which describes the destruction of the mission."
    Ragueneau, Father Paul Huron Jesuit Missionary (I4863)
    11 (Constant and Gagné Elise) Family F158
    12 - Fassette Alexandre, 39 May 3rd, 1917 Cote Clara
    (Philippe and Sophie Dupuis) Ottawa Cathedral 
    Family F154
    13 10 days old Facette, Narcisse (I940)
    14 10 days old Facette, Flavie (I959)
    15 13 days old Facette, Olive (I443)
    16 1618/1622 according to some Guyon Bisson Dion, Marie (I2533)
    17 17 months old Facette, Emilie (I444)
    18 1742: Jacques Sabourin is ceded the farm (farm #14) on which Greenwood is located on March 22, 1742. The farm is 3 arpends wide along the river and 20 arpends deep. He presumably began constructing a house, and possibly a small shelter for animals, on the land during the late spring and summer of the same year.
    A History Timeline
    (with particular emphasis upon the Vaudreuil, Hudson, Ste-Marthe
    and Ste-Madeleine de Rigaud areas) 
    Sabourin, Jacques (I3403)
    19 18 days old Facette, François (I951)
    20 1861
    Page 24 No 162 Parish and Town of Huntly
    Bogie Street,Huntly
    James Mitchell Head Mar ? 70 (out?) Pensioner Chelsea House Born Cairney Aberdeenshire
    Margaret Mitchell Wife Mar ? 51 Born Cairney Aberdeenshire
    Elizabeth Mitchell Daur UM 14 Domestic Serv Born Huntly Aberdeenshire
    George Mitchell Son UM 11 Scholar Born Huntly Aberdeenshire
    Ann Mitchell Daur 7 Scholar Born Huntly Aberdeenshire
    George Harper Boarder 9 Born Huntly Aberdeenshire 
    Mitchell, Ann (I1533)
    21 1881
    Ann Mitchell
    Source: FHL Film 0203457 GRO Ref Volume 202 EnumDist 4 Page 8 126579 Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Dwelling: 12 Bleachfield Street, Huntly
    Margaret MITCHELL Head W 71 F Stocking Knitter b.Cairney, Aberdeen
    >Ann MITCHELL Daughter UM 27 F Mill Worker (Cotton) Unempd b. Huntly, Aberdeen
    *James FRASER Grand Son N/A 7 M Scholar b. Huntly, Aberdeen
    **William LAIRD Grand Son N/A 1 M b.Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland

    Son's of Ann Mitchell
    *James Fraser or Mitchell b 1874 illegit.
    **Wm Laird or Mitchell b 1880 is also an illegit .
    This is where Ann was living when she married in 1882.  
    Mitchell, Ann (I1533)
    22 1888
    Death Cert
    Parish of Huntly. County of Aberdeenshire. Pg 20 No 60
    James Fraser Mitchell, Farm Servant, Single, IIlegitimate, died 19 Nov 1888 at 7.10 pm at 42 Princes Street Huntly ,Aberdeenshire, Male, aged 14 years.Mother Ann Mitchell, Domestic Servant. Cause of Death Intra Cranial Abcess 12 days. Informant, James Eddie, Uncle Present. 
    Mitchell, James Fraser (I1566)
    23 1891
    Scotland Census
    ED St Nicholas Poorhouse. Page 8 (click to see others on page). Sch no1. Line 18/19. Roll CSSCT1891_51.
    Reg Number168/1. Reg district St NicholasCivil parish Aberdeen St . Nicholas . County Aberdeenshire.
    Nelson Street, Aberdeen
    St Nicholas Poorhouse
    Alexander Reid Pauper 5 Male Scholar b Huntly Aberdeenshire abt 1886
    George Reid Pauper 3 Male b Huntly Aberdeenshire abt 1888
    Maggie Ann Reid Pauper 1 Female b Huntly Aberdeenhire abt 1890
    Reid, Margaret Anna (I77)
    24 1891
    Scotland Census
    Reg No 168/2 .Reg district Old Machar .Civil parish Aberdeen Old Machar .County Aberdeenshire.
    ED: Oakbank Industrial School for Boys . Sch No 1 .Line: 16/18 . Roll CSSCT1891_55.
    Oakbank Mid Stocket Road, Aberdeen
    William L Mitchell Inmate 10 Scholar Male b Huntly, Aberdeenshire - abt 1881
    Jos F Reid Inmate 8 Scholar Male b Huntly Aberdeenshire - abt 1883

    Both William and his brother Joseph were at this school at the same time .
    The three younger siblings are in St Nicholas Poor House Aberdeen in 1891aged 1,3 and 5.
    Mitchell, William Laird (I1567)
    25 1893
    Death Cert
    Aberdeen District of Old Machar Parish in County of Aberdeen. Pg 134/184 ? No 401
    William Laird Mitchell Industrial School Inmate (single) illegitimate died 14 May 1893 at 6.30 am at Oakbank Industrial School, Aberdeen Male aged 13 .Mother Ann Mitchell Housekeeper.Cause of death Acute Phthisis 1 month. Informant Joseph Fenwick, teacher, present. 
    Mitchell, William Laird (I1567)
    26 1896
    Death Cert
    District of St Nicholas ,Burgh of Aberdeen.Pg 9 .No 27. 168/01 0027
    Ann Mitchell , (Divorced from James Reid, Farm Servant). Died 5 Jan 1896 , 3 am at Rennys Wynd .Female aged 40. Father James Mitchell Police pensioner ( deceased). Mother Margaret Mitchell MS Cantlay ( deceased). Cause of Death Uterine? Haemorrhage 1 day. Informant George Cassie ?[Currie] Occupier ( present).

    Uterine Haemorrhage usually follows a birth. Death may have been following another birth!
    Mitchell, Ann (I1533)
    27 1901
    Living at
    Civ Parish Greyfriars,Parl.North Aberdeen, Burgh Greyfriars, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland page 20 No 105
    54 St Nicholas Street, Aberdeen
    Joseph Reid ,Head, Mar ,19, Casemaker, Born Huntly, Aberdeenshire,Scotland
    Christina Reid,Wife, Mar, 20, Born Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire,Scotland. 
    Family F466
    28 1901
    Scotland Census
    Reg No 230. Reg District Oyne .Parish Oyne. County Aberdeenshire
    Address: Gaudie Cottage
    ED 4.Pg 2. House No 7.Line 4.
    Roll: CSSCT1901_75
    Helen McPherson 77
    Jeannie McPherson 28
    John McPherson 8
    Maggie Reid Boarder 11 Female Scholar b Huntly, Aberdeenshire abt 1890
    Reid, Margaret Anna (I77)
    29 2nd Great Grandfather of Krista Francis
    Facette, Cyrille Joseph (I14)
    30 2nd Great Grandfather of Krista Francis Burton, Richard (I16)
    31 3rd Great Grandfather of Krista Francis Facette, Philippe (I61)
    32 3rd Great Grandmother of Krista Francis

    Kerr, Sarah (I19)
    33 3rd Great Grandmother of Krista Francis

    Dupuis, Sophie (I62)
    34 5 years old. Facette, Marie Louise (I965)
    35 58 years old Grégoire, Marie Catherine (I208)
    36 My mother remembered her Grandmother Karne as a very kind and loving . Mom said she always had sweets in her pockets to give to children. As a child I often studied this photo carefully in hopes she might give me some of the treats hidden in her pockets. Mom also told me she had up and disappeared suddenly. Her husband didn't know where she was. She just showed up one day after having been gone for seven years . Word had it she had run away to New York City......
    Jorgensen, Johana Karne Karen (I3729)
    37 Somewhat different, and even more exciting
    was the experience of Clarence Burton and his
    younger brother Hugh. The former is a trusted
    guide of the woods, and for twenty-five years
    one of the guardians of the fishing privileges of
    the Little Cascapedia River.


    Burton, William Clarence Guide, River Guardian (I31)
    Corbeil  Felix M Head M Sep  6 1862 39
    Corbeil  M. Louise F Wife M Oct  19 1872 29
    Corbeil  Aldege M Son S Feb  5 1896 5
    Corbeil  Armase M Son S May  27 1897 4
    Corbeil  Roseanna F Daughter S Mar  10 1901 1 mth
    Family F352
    Frechette  Harry M Head M Aug  22 1878 23
    Frechette  Sophie F Wife M May  20 1880 21
    Family F403

    Joanisse Jean-Baptiste August 15th 1822 78 Quebec
    Joanisse Zoe September 12th 1837 63 Quebec
    Joanisse John May 9th 1862 38 Ontario
    Joanisse Cordelia July 20th 1875 25 Ontario
    Family F11
    Ladocier Jeremiah M Head M 8-May 1849 51
    Ladocier Selena F Wife M 16-Oct 1853 47
    Ladocier Mary L F Daughter S 12-Nov 1884 16
    Ladocier Dora F Daughter S 9-Jan 1887 13
    Ladocier Victor M Son S 15-Mar 1889 11
    Ladocier Melea F Daughter S 13-Jan 1892 8
    Ladocier Thephele M Son S 9-Oct 1882 18
    Ladocier Alexander M Son S 26-Oct 1880 20
    Family F160
    Taillefer Louis M Head M 6-Jul 1866 34
    Taillefer Melina F Wife M 2-Oct 1869 31
    Taillefer Melina Jr. F Daughter S 18-Jan 1991 10
    Taillefer Teddy M Son S 29-Jul 1896 4
    Taillefer Rose Anna F Daughter S 27-Dec 1897 3
    Taillefer Gratien M Son S 4-Sep 1900 1
    Family F55
    43 ? between Jean-Baptiste Depocat, major son of the late Jean-Baptiste Depocat dit Joannice. In presence of Joseph Joannice and Elizabeth Joannice.
    Note: major means 21 years old or older. So Jean-Baptiste was born in 1833 or before. 
    Family F11
    44 A Facette relative on 23andMe has R-Z8 YDna Paquet Boniface Fasset, Boniface Francois (I718)
    45 A Marie Levert, mother of Pascal Poulin, was at Pascal's confirmation (PRDH # 403563) at Château-Richer (La-Visitation-de-Notre-Dame) 1660-02-02
    Is she related? 
    Levert, Jean (I2730)
    46 A nice write up on this family at Family F1328
    47 A note in Les Notaires du Canada sous le regime Français
    "Le plus ancien contrat de mariage conserve au Canada (16 juillet 1636) fut reçu par un maçon, le nomme Guion ou Guyon. L?acte, partait-il, n'est pas trop mal rédigé et l'orthographe y est plus respectée que dans bien des pièces du même genre do nos jours" vol 1, p. 3
    The date is the exact for Francois Belanger and Marie Guyon and Belanger was a maçon 
    Family F958
    48 A story about Grand-mere Malbeof from Nadine

    She lived to be 100years old.

    Emilie (nee Martin dit Barnabe) took care of her until her death.

    When she was younger one night she was reaching to pick up one of the crying babies in a crib next to her bed. At the time the cribs had posts and it was dark and she put her eye out on the crib. Awful story. So she was blind in one eye for much of her life. Then later on she got an infection in the other eye and was completely blind.

    She also smoked. Which as my aunt says, at the time was unusual for a woman. Apparently Emilie told my aunt that grandmere malboeuf after supper would go sit on the stairs and enjoy a smoke from her corn cob pipe.
    Malboeuf (I1386)
    49 A story from Doris via Ethel;
    Leona was previously married to a man named Andy Love and had 2 children by him. Louella & Andrew
    According to her grand daughter Etheline she left Andy and then married Ernest. They had Lily in 1907 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
    The story goes that she put the 2 children she had by Andy Love in foster care giving them away for adoption and left Ernie leaving Lily on the doorstep of a neighbor and when Ernie returned home after work her rescued Lily and took her home. On further investigation it is said she cleaned out Ernie's bank account when she left. Thats the last Ernest saw of her. According to Etheleen , Leona had 5 husbands One could write a book on Leona alone. 
    Family F17
    50 A video with Milt teaching a new sky diver in 1992
    Another with a story of the sky diving accident that killed him in June 2005. 
    Burton, Milton Melvin (I291)

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